On Monday, former Ukrainian president  Petro Poroshenko made a trip to the southern frontlines to deliver a new shipment of military equipment for the Ukrainian military.

Conversations with soldiers in dugouts made him confident, said Poroshenko, our servicemen’s morale is very high. He praised Ukrainian defenders who are ‘not only defending Ukraine’ but are poised to win back our occupied lands.  Our defenders now need ‘resources to mount an counteroffensive’, said Poroshenko, adding that drones and jamming devices are the things he is going to help to get them in the first place as Russians closely watch over the Ukrainian army movements using drones and frustrating our actions with electronic warfare gadgets.

What left Poroshenko gutted was the scale of havoc Russian troops caused to the southern Ukrainian communities. The former president said he failed to see intact houses in the area with  many of those  having shells stuck in their walls.

In a video posted on social media, Poroshenko is heard talking with a rolling sound of artillery in the backdrop.

‘It is our artillery and our multiple rocket launchers working. It is our Ukrainian military answering the Russian barbarians for their attempt to destroy our towns, villages, and communities,’ added Poroshenko.