Latest report by CNN on Wagner mercenaries scandal involving top Ukrainian officials  has fueled wrangling in the Verkhovna Rada over Zelensky’s handling of the  scandal.

‘European Solidarity” Iryna Gerashchenko speech prompted a spiteful response from ‘Servant of the People’ MP Maksym Buzhansky.

He was caught on camera texting  he wanted to ‘torture’ the European Solidarity MP after her speech.


Iryna Gerashchenko  called Zelensky’s officials  out over their handling of Wagner mercenaries scandal after CNN report revealed new details of the failed covert operation.


European Solidarity MP argued there were attempts to silence media outlets over their coverage of the scandal.

If the President’s Office argues CNN claims are false, why don’t they go to court over the falsehoods, asked Iryna Gerashchenko.


European Solidarity MP cited  a libel case of Petro Poroshenko against BBC. The British broadcaster paid substantial damages to the former Ukrainian president after falsely alleging he had made a secret payment to Donald Trump’s lawyer – the money went on treatment of Ukrainian servicemen injured in Donbas conflict.

She also pointed out  Zelensky’s officials now come bashing the same CNN reporter who a few months ago  was welcomed on Zelensky trip to the frontline in Donbas.

The scathing remarks probable proved too much for ‘Servant of the People’ MP Buzhanski and he took it to the private chatroom of their party group texting ‘I would love to torture Gerashchenko today, but..’.

Thursday parliamentary session was also marked by a tussle between two MPs –  ‘Servant of the People’ Mykola Tyshchenko confronted now independent Geo Leros over criticism of Zelensky policies covering up Wagner mercinaries scandal.