In his Tuesday update on the situation in Luhansk region, local governor Serhiy Gaidai said Russian troops spare no reserves and destroy Ukrainian villages to claim Luhanks is all theirs.

They think nothing of human lives, while all they need is a referendum no matter the cost, added the governor.

Setting still standing communities ablaze, they flatten several streets with a brutal barrage to gain better tactical positions, grinding towards Donetsk region.

On Monday, the enemy launched 4 missiles and 2 ‘massive artillery assaults’, and then came back again with mortar fire.

The enemies turn into ashes all the settlements standing in their way.

‘It is what they did to Vrublivska when they needed a swift break-through to Lysychansk. The same in Novotaskhivske where only 10 residents out of all the population remained in April,’ said Gaidai.