Russian invaders announced to the management of the Zaporizhzhya nuclear power plant a demand to limit the admission of personnel to the plant on August 19, 2022. Only the personnel who ensure the operation of the power units are allowed on the site. In this way, the occupiers are preparing a provocation at the plant.

Ukraine’s state nuclear regulator Energoatom has information that the Russian occupying forces are planning to shut down the power units in the near future and disconnect them from the communication lines supplying power to the Ukrainian energy system.

Right now, the Russian military are looking for suppliers of fuel for diesel generators, which should be turned on after the shutdown of power units and in the absence of the external power supply for nuclear fuel cooling systems.

Energoatom states that a propaganda TV crew arrived in Energodar on the evening of August 18. Its members held a joint meeting together with the representatives of the FSB of Russia.