Russian-led officials are nudging people in occupied Ukrainian regions  to apply for the Russian citizenship and pensions, promising they will be rewarded among other things with yearly tour package vacations, said Ukraine’s military intelligence  in its Monday update.

Such campaign was recently reported in Myrne where the occupational administration organized a meeting with locals to highlight the perks of a Russian passport. Pensioners were told stories about ‘high living standards’ in Russia.

Local men were also offered to join the ‘people’s militia’ with the recruitment requirements being rather loose as applicants need no proper education and professional record.

Meanwhile, officials in occupied Luhansk are having a hard time with the stumbling military recruitment. ‘In Severodonetsk, they planned to sign up 500 men to replenish the forces of 2nd Army Corps and units of the people’s militia. As of today, the campaign has suffered a complete failure,’ said the intelligence report.