Fire shots were heard in Kherson on Sunday as Russian troops reportedly tried to crack down a pro-Ukrainian rally in the city center.

Yurii Sobolevskyi, deputy head of the Kherson Regional Council said it was a ‘peaceful rally’ organized to pay tribute to the victims of Russian aggression.

There is still no word about injured or detained people.

Kherson people show defiance despite Russian troops’  intimidation and threats that made many of them flee the city occupied by Russian.

‘Violent threats, terror, lies, humanitarian catastrophe. It is what they (Russian aggressors) have brought onto Kherson region,’ said Yuriy Sobolevskyi, adding that people in Kherson show defiance despite intimidation and threats from Russian troops.

‘Each next rally is a great risk for every of its participaints, and yet people still come out [to protest]. Despite anything. Kherson region is Ukraine,’ added Sobolevsky.