The death toll is mounting in Kyiv suburbs as officials have found more victims and mass graves in the region.

At least 132 bodies of killed civilians have been recovered in Makariv, following the Russian retreat from the Kyiv region, said district administration head, Vadym Tokar, in a message on Friday.

Relief workers and locals found dead bodies in multiple locations; many of them, according to reports, were buried in mass graves.

The Russian onslaught caused serious damage to town infrastructure, as some 40% of its residential buildings, hospitals, and nursery schools are completely ruined.

“We have seen their (Russian) atrocities, have found 123 civilians who were shot. Makariv has set up an emergency medicine [center] with returned doctors, and we are providing services to the territories that were de-occupied,’ said Vadym Tokar, noting that the Russian oppression saw the town population decrease fifteenfold—from 15,000 to a mere 1,000.