Russian troops are seizing agricultural businesses in occupied southern regions  of Ukraine and destroy agricultural equipment to disrupt the planting season.

Ukrainian farmers are facing raids and seizure of their agricultural businesses by Russian aggressors, which can send into disarray this year’s planting season in Ukraine, said  Deputy head of Ukraine’s agrarian council, Denys Marchuk in an interview for UArazom.

And this is exactly what  happened to  Spivdruzhnish Pivden business in Kherson region.

The aggressors showed up  the business facilities in Kherson region and told the company personnel that they are ‘taking over’ the business.

Claiming they are Ramzan Kadyrov ‘men’, the thugs threatened they would ‘keep an eye’ on the business threatening to kill anyone trying to take away the agricultural equipment’.

The same cases have been reported in Sumy, Chernihiv, Kharkiv, and Kyiv regions where Russian troops raided and looted farm businesses and grains storage sites.