According to Ukraine’s military intelligence, Russian-led officials have set up a military camp in Torez, Donetsk region, to give a military training to convicts who will be deployed  as reinforcement for Russian troops.

The recruits come from local Donetsk prisons and will reportedly join local paramilitary group Somali and Russia’s 100th brigade and 9th regiment.

The main selection criteria is fitness and military background while their criminal record is considered to be not a big deal.

Despite loose requirements there aren’t many convicts responding to the call.

Meanwhile, Donetsk authorities called off all the draft deferments and exemption to save the sagging recruitment campaign.

The effort made Yenakiyevo steel works halt its operation after some 200-500 workers were drafted to the Russian-led army units.

In Crimea, local officials banned conscripts leave places of their residence if they have no documents from conscription offices for such travel.