Russian occupation forces have set up a filtration camp in Mangush, Donestk region, to crack down on local residents who oppose the Russian occupation, said Ukraine’s human rights ombudsperson Ludmyla Denysova in a statement on social media, Wednesday.

According to reports, Russian occupation troops have staged a filtration procedure for people evacuating into Ukrainian-controlled Berdyansk, subjecting evacuees to harsh interrogations and ID checks.

‘The occupiers are holding a ‘\”cleansing” by trying to expose “Nazis,” as they are calling anyone who shows dissent toward their regime and occupation’, said the human rights official.

Among those who were deemed suspect and taken to the filtration camp were patients and personnel of the local hospital #4, who are now facing forceful deportation to Russia.

There is disturbing news that the occupation administration seeks to ‘legalize’ the filtration camps in Mangush and Dokuchaevsk, after so-called DNR leader Denys Pushylin said their ‘prosecutors’ office’ should work out procedures for ‘denazification’ of Ukraine.

‘Such actions of the Russian Federation and its puppet DNR entity make them liable for the crime of genocide under the Genocide Convention and article 6 of the Rome Statute of the International Criminal Court,’ said Denysova.