The ruling party MP Maksym Buzhansky goes into damage control after he was caught on camera texting his fellow MPs he was going to ‘torture’ one of the opposition leaders Iryna Gerashchenko.

‘Bukvy’  approached Buzhansky  for comments on the incident, which prompted an emotional and defiant reaction from the MP.


‘My goodness! Have you lost your mind? Threatening who? Iryna? Why would I? It was a joke, for sure. You read the messages. Wasn’t it clear given the context?’

Maksym Buzhansky insisted his allegedly crude remark was taken out of the context.  ‘Servant of the People’ MPs were exchanging remarks on Iryna Gerashchenko speech with some of his colleagues complaining  they had to ‘keep silent’ while ‘European Solidarity’ MP was ‘torturing’ them.


‘Okay, let me take the floor and I will torture [her] in return. It is all there in our [chat] conversation. It has been published,’ said the MP.

Thursday parliamentary session was also marked by a spat involving another ‘Servant of the People’ MP.  Mykola Tyshchenko confronted currently independent lawmaker Geo Leros over allegations Zelensky was covering up officials involved in Wagner mercenaries plot leak.