Next year ‘Servant of the People’ will receive 439 out of 885 million hryvnas in party subsidies in 2022 meaning the spending will grow by a fifth compared to 2021.

The ruling party is among the biggest winners of the public funding scheme that comes as a per-vote subsidy.


‘The reason [it is happening] is minimum wage index that has grown fourfold over the last years. If the parliament fails to update to the policy,  the public funding will grow to 956 million hryvnas in 2023, and will go over 1 billion the following year,’ said ‘Chesno’ report.

The sums payable are calculated by multiplying the  votes received in the last elections and  indexed in line with minimum wage rate applicable at the time

90% of the money will go to parties that received the most votes in the 2019 parliamentary elections while the remaining 10%  will come as ‘allowance’ to the two parties – ‘European Solidarity’ and ‘Golos-  that met electoral gender quote requirement.

‘Opposition Platform for Life’ and ‘Batkivshchyna’ will be handed over  132,8 million and 83 million respectively.