In a briefing held late Monday following the urgent meeting of State Security council, its secretary Oleksiy Danylov said the security situation is ‘clear’ and kept ‘under control’ as the latest developments [on the Ukrainian borders] are hardly nothing new to authorities.

There are no reasons to panic for all of us, argued Danylov, arguing it is a rather  hasty thing when Kyiv mayor Vitaliy Klitchko seeks to bring together mayors of other Ukrainian cities and is poised to devise a plan for resistance.

We have the armed forces for such situations and we have to stay calm, added the council secretary.

He urged people to keep a cool head in the crisis blaming politicians and mass media whose misjudgments are fanning the flames.

The real situation is different from the way it is painted by media, stressed Danylov, arguing that ‘if needed, we will close ranks to defend our country’.

We have been dealing with this sort of situation since 2014, added the security council senior.