Calling the president to testify on Wagner mercinaries capture operation is a no-go, argues Maryana Bezugla, chair of the special parliamentary commission, at a briefing Monday.

In July, the ‘European solidarity’ party demanded the special parliamentary commission should seek testimonies from president Volodymyr Zelensky and his aide Andriy Yermak  on Wagner group capture operation.

Asked why they had not been questioned, Maryana Bezugla, a ‘Servant of the People’ MP and chair of the commission, said ‘decisions were made at the other level’.

She also stated that the commission had neither the need nor the right to call the president for a testimony.

‘If we talk about the commander-in-chief, the commission has no right to put questions to him. In addition, based on the results of processing materials directly related to the case, there was no need to do this’, claimed Bezugla.

Special parliamentary commission investigating  a failed Wagner mercenaries capture reported its first findings at a briefing Friday.