Security Service of Ukraine posted the video of the prisoner exchange, which took place on September, 21.

‘Undoubtedly, it is a historic moment. We want to share the unique footage of the event, the first and most sincere emotions of the Ukrainian defenders who knew they wouldn’t be forgotten and would be returned home. We pledge to continue our fight until we release each and every prisoner and defend our country!’ – noted SSU.

In the early hours of September, 22 the President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky confirmed the swap of the Ukrainian prisoners for Viktor Medvedchuk, the people’s deputy of Ukraine and the fellow of the President of the Russian Federation Volodymyr Putin.

The President of Ukraine announced about the return of 215 defenders. ‘It is going to be a great day for 215 families who will see their relatives in safety’, – said Zelensky.

Among those released in the swap with Russia there are 108 soldiers of the Azov regiment, 188 heroes of Azovstal and Mariupol and 8 prisoners wounded in Olenivka terrorist attack.

‘We remember and try to save every Ukrainian. That is the sense of Ukraine, that is our essence. We differ from our enemy, we value each life and will try to save all those who are still imprisoned by Russia’ – emphasized the President.