‘My name is Maksym. I am 11 years old. I am an evacuee from Pokrovsk. Now I am living in Chernivtsi. I want to help my  family and country. I am LOOKING FOR A JOB’.

The printed notice that appeared in Chernivtsi center last week soon caught attention of local media and made the boy’s story viral.

Forced to flee their Home in Donetsk region, Maksym’s family is now in Cherivtsi, the Ukrainian city close to Romanian border, away from the bombing and shelling of Russian aggressors.

His 17-years-old brother managed to find a job while their mom joined the team of local volunteers to help the displaced people.

The little boy said he looked for ways to prove useful for his family and the Ukrainian army.

‘I know they are having a hard time now and I will do my best to support our army,’ the boy said. He made a notice, offering to help his new neigbours about houseor sit with their dog for.

After his job search notice went viral on social media,  offers started to trickle in, now making Maksym think about how to put the earned money to better use.

The boy decided that he would  use  money to buy a thermal imaging device for the Ukrainian military.  After Chernivtsi police learned about his story they offered to donate their wages to help the course.

‘Your desire to help others is an example for us, grownups, law-enforcement workers, defenders. Your vigor motives all of those who are defending Ukraine from the enemy. You are a great patriot and you make us feel proud,’ said Mykola Basarab of Chernivtsi police.