On Saturday, the Russian missiles targeted Bilhorod-Dnistovsky and Snake island, according to the update from Ukraine’s Operational Command ‘South’ released on Sunday.

The first assault targeted a recreational center near the seashore– the Russian SU-30 military aircraft launched a X-31 missile that sparked a fire. There were no immediate reports of victims or damage.

In another attack, two Russian SU-24 military planes  dropped bombs on the Snake Island.

Meanwhile, people keep taking a dip in the Black Seas appears to be a risky venture these days. On Sunday, Ukrainian officials warned people in southern regions against swimming after an unidentified explosive led to death of a beachgoer in Karolino-Bugaz, Odesa region and left one more holiday-maker slightly injured.

It should be noted that all beaches in Ukraine are still not officially open as officials are wary about the move due to danger of sea mines planted along the seashore.