Kyiv pride 2021 drew some seven thousand people to the centre of Kyiv Sunday, said the event organizers.

The march was billed to raise support for a draft law #548 that aims to address  legalization of civil partnerships for LGBT people and LGBT hate crimes.

People carried rainbow flags and chanted ‘Our tradition is our freedom’ and ‘Ukrainian nation! Do away with discrimination!’

Photo by eugene_and_lesha/Instagram

Photo by bears_bro/Instagram

photo by i.mbetteroffdead

Kyiv downtown also saw another rally Sunday staged by Ukrainian far-right groups to show their opposition to the LGBT event and ‘promote family values’.

A modest crowd of several hundred protesters gathered in Shevchenko University park with signs ‘LGBT harms your health’ and  ‘Propaganda of homosexuality is threat to state security’.

Photo by Tradition and Order

The seperated  events were marked by heavy police security and reported no violence.