The Russia-led Mariupol city administration is at it again, making locals sort out the debris at Illich steel and iron works though it never bothered to de-mine the works site, said exiled city official Petro Andrushchenko on Telegram Thrusday.

Unsurprisingly, just over the course of the last two weeks came the confirmed news of 6 people wounded in tripwire accidents – 2 civilians sustained injuries at the agglomeration site while 4 more got hurt in repairs workshop.

The occupational administration has restored power supplies in the eastern Livoberezhzhya districts of Mariupol, although the residential areas  are still without power.

‘The occupational authorities avoid even giving any promises about this process  [of bringing power back],’ wrote Andrushchenko.

Officials are also tight-lipped about their earlier promises to help with apartment repairs – it makes Mariupol residents  do those on their own dime.

‘There is no window-pane. All money in the world will not get you windowpanes. Duct tape is in short supply. Many windows are boarded….,’ added the Ukrainian official.

‘Despite everything, the city residents are not without optimism. [They are] joking about field kitchens at their doorsteps. Although evacuation is still the only way out of the humanitarian hell called Zhdanov.’