In  his commens for  ‘Bukvy’,  Oleh Nikolayenko, spokesman for Ukraine’s Foreign Affairs Ministry, said two more Ukrainains were evacuated from Afganistan after agreement with Qatari officials.

A Ukrainian woman with a child was among about 200 foreigners on board of the first international flight leaving Kabul on Thursday.

The flight was facilitated by Qatar government and departed from Kabul airport after a waiver from Taliban who took control of the country in August.

According to Nikolayenko, the rescue effort came after ‘Ministry of Foreign Affairs  worked with the Qatari party toward evacuation of Ukrainian citizens by this flight’.

‘Our Embassy in Tajikistan offered Ukrainians [who are still stranded] in Afganistan to fly to Doha and go  back to Ukraine from there by commercial flights. Only 2 Ukrainians – a woman with an underage child – responded to the call,’ added Foreign Ministry spokesman.

The Qatari party took them to Doha and provided them free accommodation. Now they are expecting their Covid test results.

Nikolayenko said, once their tests prove negative, they will be able to return to Ukraine.