Ukrainian pop stars launch the ‘Music Mobilization’ project supported by the digital and culture ministries.

The purpose of this project is to show that Ukraine has many talented performers, and that Russian music must be abandoned in order not to sponsor Russia’s cruel and unjust war against Ukraine. After all, every listened Russian song sponsors the Russian Federation’s large-scale war in Ukraine, the digital ministry statement says.

In August 2022, the sociological group ‘Rating’ conducted a survey to determine how many Ukrainians continue to listen to Russian music. More than 40% of respondents stopped listening to Russian artists, 18% did not listen before and do not listen now, only about 25% listen as before. That is, in general, almost 60% do not listen to Russian music or listen less often than before the full-scale invasion.

According to the Ministry of Digital Transformation, there are still many performers from Russia at the top of the music charts.

‘First, music also acts as propaganda and does not remain ‘outside of politics’, second, every song sponsors the war in Ukraine’, the statement goes.