According to the spokesperson for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine Oleh Nikolenko, the return routes of Ukrainian citizens can be adjusted ‘depending on the development at Kabul airport’. Nikolenko also states that new requests for evacuation from Afghanistan have been received recently.

‘Security risks in the country continue to grow. In the last few days, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Embassy of Ukraine in Tajikistan have been witnessing a new wave of requests for evacuation from Afghanistan. Now, the embassy is clarifying the data of people, their number, location and keeps in touch with them’, Nikolenko stressed.

He adds that diplomats, together with representatives of other agencies, are currently working on developing safe routes.In particular, they consider the possibility of using other airports or land routes.

‘As soon as the first opportunity arises, all our citizens who have reported themselves to the Ukrainian embassy in Tajikistan will receive instructions on further actions’, the Foreign Ministry spokesman said.

He reminded that Ukraine has already organized six evacuation flights, which took out more than 650 people.

Nikolenko voiced the intention to continue the evacuation from Afghanistan on his Twitter account.

Ukraine first evacuated 30 its citizens from Afghanistan. As of  August 17, 120 Ukrainian nationals and members of their families expressed a desire to evacuate from Afghanistan, fearing Taliban militants.

On August 22, the second evacuation plane transported 83 people from Kabul to Kyiv.

Next day, Ukraine evacuated 98 people from Afghanistan: 41 Ukrainians and 57 Afghans. This was the third evacuation flight.

On August 28, about 360 more Ukrainians and citizens of other countries were brought from Afghanistan to Ukraine by three planes.