Ukraine’s defense minister Oleksiy Reznikov offered his judgment on what made  Russia’s blitzkrieg in Kherson region so successful and who can to blame for removal of mines at Chongar, a strategic passage at Crimean borders, enabling Russia’s swift incursion.

In his interview for Ukrainska Pravda, Reznikov dismissed the earlier claims removal of land mines at Crimean borders came from Ukraine’s government, arguing journalists were ‘mislead big-time’ on that issue as it was a military leadership authority.

When asked if the government has any plans to probe the border security failure, the defense minister said it will come ‘after the victory’.

‘In case of finding the evidence of some of the  military [seniors] or representatives of other security and defense sector committing a crime, they will be held accountable’.

The defense minister said he doesn’t want to ‘influence’ the investigation, echoing  the similar response from commander-in-chief Valeryi Zaluznyi.

‘Everybody will have their own truth, and we have a war going on, and our task is to win in this war,’ added Reznikov.

In his snappy response, Reznikov tried to justify the Ukrainian generals’ decision not to blow up the bridges leading into Kherson region from Crimea.

‘There are ten passages from Crimea by land [to Kherson], and not via bridges! This is why blasting a bridge by any means wouldn’t have affected the ability of Russians to advance in this direction. It is what one of the military chiefs who is now in political opposition, said- I heard it from him initially.’

People would be similarly irate in the situation if Ukrainian military leaders had decided to blow up bridges leading to Kyiv from Brovary at the time Russia’s ‘Buryat tanks’ were rolling toward Ukraine’s capital, added the minister.