Health minister Viktor Lyashko said Monday his ministry asked the government to tighten up  the adaptive quarantine.

‘Emergency and ecology commission will address the issue this week and, most likely, next Monday will see Ukraine in ‘yellow zone,’ said the minister in an interview for Ukraine24 TV channel.

Currently, Ukraine enjoys ‘green zone’ status with few minimal restrictions.


What restrictions  ‘yellow zone’ is bringing in


The new stricter quarantine will mandate masks in public places and brings back 1.5 m. social distancing rule.

Public events and gatherings are limited in capacity – allowing 1 person for 4sq.m. and  50% capacity in cinema theatres, gyms, fitness centers while public transport can still operate and there are no restrictions of working hours for businesses and establishments.


The policy will also require schools go online unless their 80 per cent of their teachers are vaccinated, stressed Lyashko.

As of September 4, infection rate has exceeded the threshold in Kyiv. – 107 hospitalizations per 100,000 persons.


Earlier this month, Ukraine’s sanitary chief Ihor Kuzin warned a surge of Covid-19 cases in autumn can bring up to 40% more hospitalizations then last year with the country moving to ‘red zone’ due to the Delta variant