It states that “Russia is finishing preparations of the complex of actions that aim to provoke Ukrainian state’s response to the occupants’ hostile actions at the frontline in the eastern Ukraine”.

Ukraine’s intelligence claims that the military build-up in the occupied territories of Donetsk and Luhansk regions, so-called DNR/LNR, “is being achieved by deployment of regular military units of the Russian army, and on the pretext it is providing defense to Russian citizens, who, factually, are citizens of Ukraine, earlier made to receive Russian Federation passports”.

Given the released intelligence, the statement “does not rule out a possibility that Russian force can move into Ukrainian territory”.

Chief Intelligence Directorate also argues that “Russia’s diplomatic missions abroad and its media were told to be prepared to highlight and provide explanations to the international community on allegedly aggressive actions of Ukrainian military forces and ‘peace-making’ polices of the Russian Federation”.