Ukraine’s TV and Radio Broadcasting National Council  has filed a complaint against ‘Nash’ TV channel claiming it incites ‘discord and hatred in the society’ and disregards the media regulator penalties.

The TV channel drew the ire of the state media regulator after it ran  a TV show that featured former Yanukovych regime figures Olena Lukashch and Andriy Palchevsky.

In  ‘Vazhlyve’ TV show, Lukash earlier claimed that the current Ukrainian government of Ukraine is a ‘threat and danger to Ukrainians’ following Russian propaganda narratives, argues state media regulator in a statement Thursday.

‘Broadcasting such public statements on the TV channel is nothing but incitement to national hatred, humiliation of certain groups of the population, call to discontent and xenophobia.’

‘Nash’ TV channel was slapped a fine of 119.5 thousand hryvnias. The penalty comes for ‘systematic violations’ of broadcasting policies and endorsment of ‘hatespeech on TV’.

The similar penalties were imposed on “Maxi-TV” broadcaster over re-runs of ‘Nash’ TV shows.