On Wednesday, Ukraine’s parliament moved to bar debt collectors from chasing Ukrainians struggling to pay their utility bills.

The update to the Law on Enforcement got the votes of 312 Ukrainian MPs meaning households can breathe easier about their utility debts as long as martial law remains in place in Ukraine.

Underpaying is giving a serious headache for utility suppliers while  many Ukrainians had to flee their home or lost jobs, which has put a strain on their families’ purses, hurting the balance sheets of utility companies as well.

According to the law update, enforcement of debt collections can’t be applied to military production enterprises and other military-related establishments, it also spares people in the communities that have been occupied or are facing ongoing hostilities.

The ease-up also grants such exemption to the families of Ukrainians whose homes were either damaged or destroyed in hostilities. Ukrainian lawmakers believe the policy will protect constitutional rights of Ukrainians at the time of martial law.

The full list of exemption groups will be later released by the Ukraine’s Ministry of Reintegration of the Temporarily Occupied Territories said Tuesday.