Ukraine’ security service, the SBU, has revealed the identities of the police officers who joined Russian-led  office of  the Ministry of Internal Affairs’ in occupied Zaporizhzhya region.

The list includes 17 collaborators. Among those is a former bodyguard of former Ukrainian MP Yevhen Balytsky. The former is currently leading the ‘occupational’ government in the region.

The so-called ‘Ministry of Internal Affairs’ is involved in a clampdown on Ukrainian resistance in the region. The collaborators use intimidation, threats, and arrests on trumped-up charges.

There have been reports of abductions when locals were taken away and faced with violent threats.  Another common practice is unlawful raids when the collaborators break into the houses of those who fled to Ukraine-controlled regions, walking away with valuables and equipment.

The turncoats think nothing much of open racketeering. They are demanding bribes from local businessmen and farmers threatening to interfere with their daily operations.

Ukraine’s SBU said it  has issued a ‘notices of suspicion’ to the listed collaborators while the investigation into their unlawful activities is still underway.