Ihor Kuzin, the chief sanitary doctor of Ukraine, claimed this in an interview to ‘Liga.net’.

‘Among the many indicators that we use during the quarantine, there is one that is of most concern – the rate of cases detection. Now it is critical’, Kuzin said.

At the same time, he noted that a new wave of the pandemic has not yet started in Ukraine.

‘The number of COVID cases has been increasing for the eighth week in a row. The health care system is now under control. Life support beds are occupied by 23%, oxygen beds – by 17%, ventilators beds – by 8%’, said Kuzin, noting that in accordance with the requirements of the WHO and the European Center for Disease Control and Prevention, the detection rate of new cases must be kept at 3 %.

Currently, only three of the 25 Ukraine’s regions keep to the 3% mark, which means that out of one hundred tested, only three persons have a positive test.

‘Most regions have already crossed the 3% mark, and we are gradually approaching 5%. This means that in these regions, the situation is likely to worsen and it is necessary to ensure fairly strict control over the tracking of contacts, rapid localization of outbreaks, and increase the number of tests’, Kuzin admitted.