Ukraine’s senior official  floated the idea in his meeting with official met with Jamestown foundation president Glenn Howard.

Their meeting addressed a range of issues that included Russian aggression in Ukraine,  Nord Stream 2, and possible updates to Minsk peace accords.

Oleksiy Reznikov voiced Kyiv’s concerns over Russia’s aggressive military policies in Azov and Black Seas and especially in Crimea where Moscow is set to store its nuclear weapons.

Addressing the issue of Nord Stream 2, the minister argued the gaspipe project will expose Ukraine, Poland and Baltic states to ‘tremendous pressure’ and will provoke further ‘escalation’.

Sanctions should be stepped up against the companies engaged in this project to prevent its launch, said Reznikov adding that ‘it is important to provide  security program for Ukraine. First and foremost, by bringing in air defense,  by stationing the US [military] units. Our laws allow it’.