In his interview for RBC-Ukraine, the Chief Sanitary Doctor and Deputy Health Minister Viktor Liashko said that Ukraine’s government is involved in two separate working groups that develop Covid certificates with WHO and EU, which ‘offers certain privileges’ for people who are either vaccinated or recovered from the infection.  According to Liashko, these privileges can grant such people unrestricted access to concerts, movie theaters and shopping centers, though the full list of them is still to be finalized.

The Ukrainian government keeps a digital register of the vaccination campaign in the country and is now developing Covid certificates in line WHO and EU requirements to ensure their smooth and swift introduction, added the top health official.

‘We are not going to be a ‘white crow’. The things WHO will approve, will be approved here too, we will have the same things they will have in Europe, [..] staring July 1, we will be ready to introduce such certificates,’ said Ukraine’s Chief Sanitary Doctor.

He also informed that EU now considers approval of ‘Sinovac’ vaccine, meaning that Ukrainians who got this Chinese-made vaccine will be able to travel to Europe without restrictions.

‘We are keeping track of it [..] The early May brought the news that Sinopharm got approved. In case with Sinovac, we are still waiting since such assessments technically require some time. But there was a statement from the WHO executive that they were confirming efficiency of both Chinese vaccines, said Liashko.

The introduction of Covid certificates was earlier announced by Ukraine’s Health Minister Stepanov.