Earlier this year, the Ukrainian president announced establishment of a new ‘showcase’ university in Kyiv that aims to ‘combine education, research and innovations’, train young professionals and develop their talents for public sector, sciences, and innovative industries.

The university will offer programs in information technologies, cyber security, AI studies, nano engineering, aerospace studies, biotechnologies, globalization and international communications.

The move is seen as effort to promote domestic higher education and prevent ‘brain drain’ impacting key sectors of Ukrainian industries.

The concept of the establishment will combine ‘academic freedom’, ‘autonomy of administration’ and bring together international faculty and professionals with hands-on experience.

According to official announcement, it will also bring in classes in English, high admission standards, and interdisciplinary  ‘practice-over-theory’ approach.

Ukraine’s education and science ministry informed earlier the university that is set to  open in October, 2023,  will initially offer 160 undergraduate seats – the number of admission will increase fourfold in 5 years, with  students enjoying free education, social benefits, and range of employment schemes in public sector, and science and research institutions.