A month after the scandalous  car accident on Kyiv motorway left one person seriously injured police still fails to have a clear picture of the collision, argues Oleksiy Sukhachov in his interview for Interfax.

The bureau  chief said investigators will be able to name the suspect only after they get conclusions from forensic collision experts.

He informed that the probe identified all the persons who were involved in the car accident but still don’t have enough evidence to tell who caused the offense.

‘We can’t identify the driver as we haven’t got footage from road cameras’.

Investigation, claimed the agency chief, has knowledge of a video of relation to the car accident, yet it is still not available.

The scandal faced a strong public reaction as earlier reports alleged the incident was caused by drunk-driving  ‘Servant of the People’ MP  Oleksandr Trukhin.

The MP ‘Audi’ reportedly failed to keep a safe distance causing a collision with another vehicle  carrying an Italian national who sustained several major injuries.

The story was marked by another controversy when it was found dozens of Ukrainian media outlets took down the news about the collision  they faced pressure and were offered money.