Commenting on the government’s handling of Covid pandemic for ‘RBC-Ukraine’, the Ukrainian prime minister Denys Shmygal said that the policy should be kept in place for next three months.

Ukraine is under adaptive quarantine and it has had its results. For now, it has been extended, for at least, till June 30. We will probably extend it till August. If we manage to inoculate the majority of people before Independence Day, we will, surely, look for ways of its easing,’ said the prime minister.

In his view, the adaptive quarantine policies prove effective.

‘This adaptive model presents opportunities – once the [cases] rates go up, restrictions are put in place automatically. If they do not go up, we remain in ‘green zone’. Once we see that we are overcoming the pandemic, we will resolve all the questions and forget about quarantine,’ Shmygal said.

Underscoring the importance of ‘discipline and vaccination’ in response to the pandemic, he reassured that the government had on plan for tightening its Covid polices.

‘[the possibility of] new lockdowns depend on discipline, vaccination and general pandemic situation in the world, [we will see] if there are new mutations. These are the main indicators, and I think that there are no other indicators that can regulate the adaptive model of quarantine. We don’t plan lockdown in the country. If needed, we will have to ‘close’ some regions. And it will be much like what we have been going through up to now,” explained the prime minister.

Ukraine has been under adaptive quarantine since February 24.  It is color system of ‘green’, ‘yellow’, ‘orange’, and ‘red’ zones on regions that see restrictions imposed depending on Covid-19 infection rates and official projections.