#Bykvu are reporting that a number of Crimean websites providing background information, which have domains ru., are promoting the services of the Ukrainian post and logistics operator ‘Meest Express’.

Ukrainian contact numbers and the website meest-express.com.ua (from which the users are redirected to the Ukrainian website of the company ua.meest.com) are provided on the above-mentioned websites.

Meest Corporation Inc. delivers parcels to Russia. It is possible in particular to send a package to Russia from Lviv. The company also offers the delivery from Canada and China. At the same time, according to the information provided on the website of ‘Meest Express’ there is no option of packages delivery from Russia to other countries.

In Ukraine a TC Meest Express Limited Liability Company (TC Meest Express) is operating, it incorporates 43 companies ensuring the activity of the post and logistics operator. TC Meest Express enters, in its turn, a post and logistics group ‘Meest Express’, which developed from the Meest International Corporation Inc. (Toronto, Canada) in 1989.

TC Meest Express is the owner of the trademarks ‘Міст Експрес’ and ‘Meest Express’.

The nominee shareholder of the TC ‘Meest Express’ is a Lviv businessman Rostyslav Kysil. He along with a Cyprus Company ‘Meest Logistic Fund Limited’ is a founder of the legal person.

The Tabachyn family (Myroslav Tabachyn and his sons Yurii and Andrii) is also connected to the company. Myroslav Tabachyn is the head of a Joint Ukrainian Canadian Venture ‘Rosan-Global’, which is the applicant for the trademark ‘Meest Express’.

Little is known about Kysil and Tabachyn. Tabachyn’s sons are the heads and founders of the companies affiliated to ‘Meest Express’. Yurii Tabachyn in particular is an authorized person in LLC ‘Trans-Logistic-Service’.

During the Ukrainian Revolution of Dignity, Yurii Tabachyn was an assistant of a former MP Stepan Kubiv who was one of the commandants of the National Resistance Headquarters; during 2016–2019, Yurii Tabachyn also assisted Stepan Kubiv, the then First Vice Prime Minister and the Economic Development and Trade Minister of Ukraine.

#Bykvu called the phone numbers listed in the above-mentioned advertisements for ‘Meest Express’ services, which turned out to be the numbers of the companies’ contact centers operating in Ukraine. The operator informed our journalist that the company is not delivering packages to the illegally annexed Crimea and suggested requesting additional information. #Bykvu will keep our readers informed on receiving a reply to our request.