Zelensky announced on Monday his government was launching an ‘economic patriotism’ program that includes tax breaks for businesses, incentives for  local production and VAT cuts on petrol.

Ukraine needs defense ‘coalition’ and swift decisions to help its economy and defense efforts, said the president, adding ‘today all the politicians and parties are of the same colors – blue and yellow’,  in a reference to the Ukrainian national flag.

The measures are set to put a floor under Ukraine’s economy that has suffered a slump amid heightened fears of escalation in Donbas.

He admitted the Donbas situation was putting  a strain on the domestic economy arguing  the government’s goal was to make sure Ukraine has economic independence, especially in the energy sector.

The president also revealed he was going to meet 150 major Ukrainian businesses on Wednesday to urge  them to stay in the country and keep creating jobs.

Zelensky also said he called up reservists, though claimed the country doesn’t need martial law at the moment.

He ended his address by saying, “We desire peace and calm but if we are quiet today then tomorrow we will disappear.”