Zelensky orders  #375, 376  impose sanctions Anatoliy Shariy, Olha Shariy and Alla Bondarenko and their media outlet Shariy.net.

The policy that was initially offered by State Security and Defense Council  sanctions  also targets Strana.Ua media outlet publisher Ihor Guzhva, his wife Hanna Solntseva, Lubov Lukashyna,  and several affiliated entities Lasmak Ltd, Madzeri, and Smart mediamerezha.

The action taken against the sanctioned persons and entities ordered blocking assets, revocation of media license and permits and shutting off access to designated media outlets online.

Te restrictive policy is set to curb the influence of information campaigns that supposedly pose a threat to ‘state security’

Earlier this week,  State Security and Defence Council also green-lighted sanctions against Ukrainian MP Andriy Derkach who was earlier sanctioned by the US goverment as Russia-linked influence agent.