Vilni media issued a statement Monday saying the company will file a complaint with Appellate court over freeze of the assetst of NBM Zaporizzhya and Avtor TV stations that hold broadcasting license for Prymyi and 5 Kanal TV shows.

The statement argues that sanctioning the two TV channels that are no longer owned by Petro Porosahenko  comes as  ‘direct censorship’ seeking to disrupt 5 kanal and Prymy broadcast and pull them off the air.

‘Arrest of the companies’ that have a direct relation to Vilni media group is completely unlawful, and we are filing a complaint with Appellate court asking to revoke the ruling by judge Bortnitskaya’.

State Bureau of Investigations claimed that at the time they lodged a motion with Kyiv court, Petro Poroshenko was still listed as a beneficiary owner of  5Kanal and Prymy TV stations adding that both channels can still ‘freely go on with their work and cover important issues for the country’.


Petro Poroshenko is now facing jail over the charges of treason and sponsoring terrorism in connection to 2014-2015 coal supplies coming from separatist-controlled coal mines in Donbas.