In a pre-plenary session meeting of Ukrainian MPs, ’European Solidarity’ party leader Petro Poroshenko voiced concern over  the Parliament’s tepid response to  the Wagner Group operation leak scandal.


‘It has been almost a year since traitors in Ukrainian government wrecked the operation that went down in Ukraine’s history as ‘Wagner group’ operation’, said Petro Poroshenko.


The temporary investigative commission [set up by the Verkhovna Rada] is not an investigative commission [representing] the whole parliament, but rather a political club of two [parliamentary] fractions – ‘Servant of the People’ and “Oppositional Platform for Life’, argued Poroshenko.

‘I think, Putin and Lukashenko are missing  on Your commission so that You can discuss with them disruption of the operation’.

Poroshenko urged MPs to support a temporary parliamentary commission ‘real’ probe into ‘Wagnergate’ insisting that the Verkhovna Rada should ‘vote on the issue and invite everybody of those involved in disruption of the operation’.


Earlier this month, ‘European Solidarity’ MPs urged the Verkhovna Rada to call Volodymyr Zelensky to testify before the Verkhovna Rada investigative commission following his recent TV interview remarks on the  military operation.  Addressing the Ukrainian intelligence botched operation Zelensky likened it to the incident with Belarus dissident Roman Pratasevych and his forceful detention in Minsk.