In his TV interview on Wednesday, Ruslan Ryaboshapka argues the conclusions of the special parliamentary commission on Wagnergate ‘look unconvincing’.

He cited conflicting messages that keep coming  from the ruling party MPs and state officials.

‘You hear several versions contradicting each other. The chief of President’s office says it was a fabricated story, then the president says it wasn’t [fabricated], it did happen, but it wasn’t ours, and then Maryana Bezugla (the MP heading the commision) says it happened, and, yes, it was ours.’

Ryaboshapka doubted the parliamentary probe into Zelensky officials involvement will be unbiased pointing out that the investigation is led by the ruling party MP –   ‘state officials are not in position to investigate their own actions, it just looks rather strange’.

The former chief prosecutor was rather skeptical about the parliamentary probe  getting anywhere and admitted  special commissions in Ukraine are usually established ‘to bury truth’.