In his interview for ‘Hard with Vlaschenko’ TV talk show, David Arakhamiya, one of the ruling ‘Servant of the People’ leaders,  made several controversial claims addressing Budapest memorandum that saw Ukraine lose its nuclear arsenal.

‘The fatal mistake of Kravchuk, in my view, was [when he] got rid of nuclear weapons by signing the [Budapest] memorandum that stands for nothing. I think, it is the biggest [mistake]. In reality, today we are deriving from that big mistake. All other mistakes of our presidents can be disregarded’, said the MP.

In his comments, the ‘Servant of the People’  MP was notably articulate in his pro-nuclear sentiment.


He went on to claim that ‘even if we were not able to maintain [nuclear warheads], we could have reduced [its stockpile]  keeping the nuclear potential and would be able to blackmail the whole world’.

‘Everybody would talk to us the different way, negotiate the different way and about the different things’, added the MP heading Zelensky’s party group in the Verkhovna Radsa