Zelensky’s argubly untimely comments about Russia’s possibly coming to seize Kharkov stunned many people in Ukraine making authorities rush to downplay such scenario.

In his interview for Washington Post the Ukrainian president argued Russia’s invasion can target regions “where historically there are people who used to have family links to Russia, . Kharkiv, which is under Ukraine government control, could be occupied.’

The speculation drew a swift response from Kharkiv mayor Ihor Terekhov who called on people to stay calm, adding that his  ‘team shall not allow Russia or anyone else capture Kharkiv’.

‘Everything will be calm and clear in Kharkiv, nothing will happen here. We are making every effort, and Kharkiv will remain a quiet city, let the Russians shut up’, said the mayor in his comments for media doing the damage control.

‘Kharkiv remains a peaceful, calm, tolerant city. There will be no war’, Terekhov said.