In a bid to rally the country, Ukraine’s president Volodymyr Zelensky declared February 16 a national ‘Day of Unity’ with the nation’s anthem being played nationwide and the state flag being raised on buildings.

In his televised address, the president said that Ukrainians are different, but are all united by the desire to live in peace, happiness and with their loved ones. Volodymyr Zelensky stressed that Ukrainians have every right to live in the own state.

‘Today is an important day – the Day of Unity. We are different, of different ages, of different genders, from different cities, regions, of different professions, with different talents, knowledge, languages, and religions. But we are all united by one desire: to live in peace, happily, as one family, with children, with parents. And we have every right to all this. Because we are at home, we are in Ukraine’, the president said.

Zelensky added Ukrainians love their home country more than anyone else, and only they are eager to defend it from any attacks.

‘Happy Day of Unity, blue and yellow people, happy Day of Unity, Ukraine! East, West, South, North are together and sound strong’, the president concluded.

Zelensky posted the same video on his Instagram with the words ‘We are calm! We are strong! We are together!’

The holiday was hastily introduced two days earlier and many observers pointed out it February 16 was allegedly picked to push back agaisnt speculations pinning the date as a time of coming Russia’s invasion.