Zelensky aide Mykhaylo Podolyak is at it again – responding to wide coverage of Poroshenko’s return with sarcastic criticisms.

The official downplayed the situation that saw crowds of opposition supporters descending on Kyiv airport to meet the ‘European Solidarity’ leader on his return from Europe ahead of criminal hearing in his case.

By ‘scandalizing’ the situation, Poroshenko seeks to prompt division in Ukraine said Podolyak, adding the former president was putting on a ‘political Tiktok show’.

‘Scandalizing used by Mr. Poroshenko works for the obvious division of the Ukrainian society, more and more discrediting our state. In no civilized country in the world can one expect politicians to give such ‘concerts’ as Mr. Poroshenko gave at the airport today’, Podoliak claims.

He also calls the situation when Poroshenko was delayed by border control officials for a regular procedure to check his passport a ‘hysterical concert’.

The State Bureau of Investigations, in turn, confirmed they wanted to hand in the court summons at the airport, but Poroshenko refused to accept it.