Keeping the track of ‘Ze violations’, ‘Bukvy’ have found the president does not keep to the veto deadlines.

There were at least five cases of this:

  • 1793 (on establishment of liability for violation of legislation on compliance, manufacture, production, sale, purchase of products, works and services in the military sphere) – 89 days;
  • 10184 (on state recognition and support of ‘Plast’) – 77 days;
  • 6449 (on enhancing liability for crimes committed against minors) 44 days;
  • 1098 (on the Temporary Investigative Commissions and Temporary Special Commissions of the Verkhovna Rada) – 103 days;
  • 2276 (on amendments to the Code of Ukraine on bankruptcy procedures) – 124 days.


According to Article 94 of the Constitution, ‘Within fifteen days of the receipt of a law, the president of Ukraine signs it, accepting it for execution, and officially promulgates it, or returns it to the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine with substantiated and formulated proposals for repeat consideration’.

Thus, concerning all the mentioned bills, Zelensky violated the requirements of Article 94 of the Constitution of Ukraine.