The information on this issue is available on the President’s Office website.

The sanctions stipulate the following set of restrictions on the sanctioned individuals: temporarily blocking of their assets, prohibition of the withdrawal of capital from Ukraine, ban to enter the territory of Ukraine.

The sanctions are targeting ‘Gazprom’ CEO Alexey Miller, businessperson Oleg Deripaska, chair of VTB Bank Management Board Andrey Kostin, as well as Igor, Arkady, and Roman Rotenberg.

Alexey Miller, Oleg Deripaska and Igor Rotenberg have their assets blocked, do not have the right to withdraw their capital from Ukraine, are not allowed to enter the territory of Ukraine.

Arkady and Roman Rotenberg are not eligible to withdraw their capital from Ukraine and enter Ukraine.

The sanctions also target ‘Gazprom-media holding’ CEO Alexander Zharov and the National Guard of the Russian Federation commander Viktor Zolotov.

Ukraine extends the sanctions for another three years.

It is worth noting that Petro Poroshenko first introduced the sanctions in September 2015 by a presidential decree.