During the Biden-Zelensky meeting, the American president expressed a desire to visit Ukraine.

At a briefing, answering reporters’ questions about the possible arrival of US President Joe Biden in Ukraine, Zelensky admitted:


‘Honestly, I forgot about this during the meeting. I should have talked in more detail about the visit of the US President…’


Zelensky added that earlier the issue of Biden’s visit to Ukraine had already been voiced in telephone conversations:

‘But before that, our teams communicated, and we communicated by phone about the visit. I think that the president will come to Ukraine, it will be, I think, the seventh visit, he has been to Ukraine many times… I think six times. Nevertheless, it is a lot’, the President of Ukraine said.


Zelensky’s visit to the US: what is done?

During his stay in the United States, Zelensky has already held meetings with the President of the World Bank and US Energy Secretary Jennifer Granholm presenting the Transformation Plan of Ukraine.

Zelensky and Ukraine’s defense minister Andriy Taran also met with US Secretary of Defense Lloyd J. Austin who assured the United States would continue supporting Ukraine in its fight against Russia.

On August 31, Andriy Taran and Lloyd Austin signed an important defense agreementconcerning research, development, testing and assessment of weapons.

President Zelensky discussed with NASA Director Bill Nelson projects that Ukraine could join. The head of NASA also agreed to visit Ukraine.

Zelensky and his wife also took part in the commemoration of the Holodomor victims and launched an audio guide in Ukrainian on the estate of the first US President George Washington.