Zelensky’s adviser Mykhailo Podolyak minced no words in his comments on the news of Wednesday shooting that targeted Zelensky chief adviser.

He alleged  the assassination bid was engineered by ‘criminal and oligarch groups’ that are attempting to ‘disrupt the governmental reforms tackling black economy’.

Calling the violent act part of ‘aggressive anti-state campaign that put together all those clinging to oligarchy old rulebook’, the Zelensky’ senior warned of   ‘strong’ response’ to it.

With the investigation on track, the attacker and murder plotters will be held to account, no matter who those people are, stressed Podolyak.

Eariler in the day, the car carrying Zelensky’ chief adviser Serhiy Shefir was sprayed with bullets near Kyiv. The attack left the official unscathed but his driver sustained wounds and was taken to hospital, said the police in a statement earlier in the day.