Ukraine’s president had strong words for the authors behind  the public petition urging the government to drop the ban on international travel for Ukrainian men of draft age, and prioritize the draft of volunteers in the first place.

The online petition launched earlier this month got some 25 signatures but still appears to many as a controversial move that can stir public drawback in the current context.

The Ukrainian president didn’t appear to be agreeable to the idea either.

When asked about the  in his joint press conference with his Polish countepart Andrzej Duda, Zelensky said he doesn’t understand why he is approached about it in the first place

‘You know, probably, I don’t fully understand who this petition is addressed, me?’ said  Zelensky, arguing the question should be shifted to the “parents of the fighters’ who fell defending Ukraine .

‘Today some 50-100 fighthers can die at the toughest direction in east of the country, they are defending our state and our independence,’ added Zelensky in a bitter remark.