Ukraine’s military losses are now almost three times down compared to the tally in June, said Zelensky’s advisor Mykhylo Podolyak in his interview for BBC on Tuesday.

‘The numbers are 2,5-3 times lower…  I think, it is about 30-50 people [daily]. Yet again, it is not really correct for us to speak about it… It will be more appropriate, if concrete figures of how many people die come from the General Staff of Ukraine’s Armed Forces,’ said the official.

At the time, the conflict was entering its second stage of trench warfare, and the casualties spiked as Russian artillery had its moment battering Ukrainian positions.

What turned the tide, according to Podolyak, was the arrival of the US-made multiple rocket launchers – they helped to bring down causality rate.

Ukrainian artillery is making a dent in Russian army’s  logistics centers while the enemy is redeploying its forces along the front lines.

‘Our [troops] have adapted to the tactics of the Russian army and are more mobile and effective in their defenses,’ stressed Podolyak.